My 10 Year Long Experience in Time Management


Recently I was asked to tell something about my time management strategies. Some colleagues here in the Netherlands I impressed by my ability to deal with three Universities (Amsterdam, Milano-Bicocca, Torino) and therefore three cities, flights, trains, and so on. And it seems that my family and me are still happy after all…

I do not have time to delve into the topic too much, but at least I can tell something.

For the geeks among you, I use Todoist for tasks and Sunrise for calendars — I have many with different ICT infrastructures behind: my beloved University of Amsterdam relies on Microsoft Exchange, for example, while my Alma Mater (University of Torino) relies on Google. Sunrise manages the dirty work of fetching everything (Todoist included), I like it. But this is a matter of taste. The methodology is more important.

For the methodological side, I am a practitioner of the Pomodoro Technique on an everyday basis for the last ten years, I have also did research on it in my previous academic life, see this chapter and also this one. but I am not a Pomodoro Certified Master, and I am heterodox: I added things that are not in the original technique.

Therefore, never call me a Pomodoro Technique expert, because I am not.


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