My dreamt Doctor Who episode: The Bombe

I had the following dream about a new Doctor Who episode.

TARDIS is coming in an English park, during the night. The Doctor and Amy Pond go out of it.

-Doctor! Where are we now? It seems England.
-Yes, Amy!
-Doctor! Why are we here now?
-It’s a surprise! (laughing)

They arrive in front of a building, called Alan Turing Museum. They enter. There is a tour for
an elementary school. The teacher is giving explanations: “here you can see some original papers
by Alan Turing written during the Second World War…” Amy is looking here and there, the Doctor
goes straight away without worrying about the surroundings. The camera follows the Doctor.

They arrive in a big room. Amy is almost running behind the Doctor.

-Doctor! I want to know where the damn we are and when!

But Doctor’s face is not happy anymore.

-Something got wrong.

The camera shows what the Doctor has just seen. Turing’s Bombe is no longer an electromechanical device, but is clearly of alien origin! The Doctor starts to run, with Amy behind. She is quarreling but the Doctor does not care.

-We’ve got to go back to the TARDIS, before it’s too late! says the Doctor.

They run out of the museum, but the TARDIS is currently being taken away by a police car.

-Hey! Listen! This is mine! Let me explain!

But TARDIS is being brought in a hangar, where a lot of phone boxes come from all over the world (Italian, Irish, and so on…) can be seen for a moment.

A policeman is stopping Doctor’s run.

-I’m sorry, Sir. No parking here for time weapons.

-Time weapons?!?

Opening. Theme song. Title: The Bombe.

I hope to dream how it goes soon…

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