Conference about Philosophy and Theory of Artificial Intelligence


Conference “Philosophy and Theory of Artificial Intelligence” (PT-AI 2011)
October 3 & 4, 2011
Thessaloniki, Anatolia College/ACT

REGISTRATION: (80 Euros full, 40 Euros student)
DEADLINE: 27.09.2011

The theory and philosophy of artificial intelligence has come to a crucial point where the agenda for the forthcoming years is in the air – this conference will try to set that agenda and to gather many of the key players.

Hubert Dreyfus, Berkeley University
James H. Moor, Dartmouth College
Rolf Pfeifer, University of Zurich

Mark H. Bickard, Lehigh University
Nick Bostrom, University of Oxford
Brian Cantwell Smith, University of Toronto
Ron Chrisley, University of Sussex
Antoni Gomila, University of the Baleares
J. Kevin O’Regan, CNRS, Paris
Matthias Scheutz, Tufts University, Boston
Oron Shagrir, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Aaron Sloman, University of Birmingham
Tom Ziemke, University of Skovde

A further 39 papers have been accepted for presentation in the sections, following double blind reviewing (1/3 from outside Europe).

For authors and titles, please see:

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