Managing Multilingualism and Multiethnic Societies and Institution


MANAGING MULTILINGUAL AND MULTIETHNIC SOCIETIES AND INSTITUTION (Faculty of Humanities, Tito Square 5, 5000 Koper – Capodistria, Slovenija, 20-21 June 2011)

Globalisation promotes some devolution of governance to regions and makes international cooperation for resolving crises imperative. Sovereignty is undermined and new ways of managing diversity are needed as new spaces for language and identity open up. Individuals are freed from the institutional integration that structured their identity and relationship to language and culture. Individual freedom makes integration with collectivities a voluntaristic phenomenon. It’s a case of personal meanings and connotation related to the languages and cultures we have learned or we are aware of. New contexts for the revitalisation of regional languages emerge, and there is a demand for global lingue franche, and state non-lingue franche become diglossified. So, technological development for business and the information society and new educational perspectives on multilingualism and interculturalism need to be considered.

At the symposium the following themes will be focussed on in particular:
1. The multilingual policy in European contact areas: language policy at the level of state with special regards to border areas, minority and regional languages and immigrants
2. Managing language diversity at work: global economy and local dimension of language use. Regional languages and “lingue franche” today: demand in global scale and response in local dimension to the language use
3. Languages and identities: Multiple identities within global vision of political, social and cultural cooperation. New spaces for language and identity.

The conference will bring together EUNoM-partners, university teachers and students, researchers from universities and research institutions and other key players in the process – employers; language planners; trade unions; public authorities at local, regional, member state, and supranational levels.

1. Prof. Paolo Balboni, University Ca’ Foscari, Venice, Italy; Chair of Language Teaching Research, researcher in language teaching research, intercultural communication, language policy.
2. Lid King, National Director for Languages. The Languages Company, United Kingdom; specialist in language learning, adviser and materials developer, information and advice services developer to business.
3. Colin H Williams, School of Welsh – Cardiff University, UK; expert on ethnic and minority relations, language planning and policy.

The regular symposium fee for external guests is set at €150 and includes:
– programme materials;
– the book of abstracts;
– admission to all sessions;
– coffee breaks and snacks;
– the social dinner.

Information: and in the EUNoM’s website

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