Call for lexica


The LEGO (Lexicon Enhancement through the GOLD Ontology) project,
whose goal is to link lexical data to GOLD (the General Ontology
for Linguistic Description ( in
order to make that data interoperable, is now in its final year.

The online search interface, which will allow users to construct
complex queries over both text and grammatical information, across
multiple lexica, is being tested, and lexica are being added at a
faster rate now that we have an established workflow.

In addition to the benefits we anticipate the project will have for
linguistic research, it is providing valuable training for students
in XML, lexicon design, and morphological concepts. With the support
of your generous donations, we will soon be able to unveil the public
interface, and it will be exciting to hear your feedback what we
have done so far.

Let me also take this opportunity to tell you that if you have a
lexicon you would like to have digitized and made available and
searchable online as part of the LEGO project, please contact us
at lego \\\at&&& linguistlist )))dot??? org (strange characters in order
to fool bots, Editor’s note).

In order to continue our work developing relevant tools for the
discipline, we rely on your contributions.

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