Philosophy of Engineering and Artifact in the Digital Era) international conference


3rd PHEADE (Philosophy of Enginnering and Artifact in the Digital Era) international conference
Bukovina, Romania – October 13-16

The 2011 edition’s theme is:
From Natural to Artifacted. Trends and challenges in/of the philosophy of information in the Knowledge Society

Romanian Society for Philosophy Engineering and Technoethics (ROSPHET/SFRIT)

Romanian Academy
Indian Institute of Science and Religion
“Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava – Romania

Objectives of the conference
The Philosophy of Information became one of the most dynamic philosophical approaches of the 21 century, because information “is a much cruder and more fundamental concept than that of knowledge on which philosophers have concentrated so much…” (Michael Dummett, 1993).
The philosophical study of information “evolves out of the analytic movement, but does not seem to belong to it. It attempts to expand the frontier of philosophical research, not by putting together pre-existing topics, and thus reordering the philosophical scenario, but by enclosing new areas of philosophical inquiry – which have been struggling to be recognised and may not yet found room in the traditional philosophical syllabus – and by providing innovative methodologies to address traditional problems from new perspectives” (Luciano Floridi, 2008).
This is why the philosophy of information, as a brand new branch of the philosophical research, “promises to be one of the most exciting and fruitful areas of philosophical research of our time” and to establish a fruitful and full of sense dialogue with the science of information and the theology of information, in the Knowledge Society, just before the Singularity Era.

Submissions of presentations, papers and posters are invited to not exclusively relate to the following tracks:
Information, complexity and semiosis. Debating the nature of information
Philosophy of information vs science and/or theology of information
The information turn in philosophy: trends and challenges (open problems)
Information, intelligence, artifacts (robots). Toward the “robot(ic) sophia”?

Extended abstracts (1000-1200 words) are to be submitted by March 31 2011.
Double-blind review’s result (acceptance/rejection) will be sent until April 31.
Registration no later than June 15.

The conference working language is English.
Accepted papers will be published in the conference’s Proceedings.
Organizers run discussions with several leading publishing houses about an edited title, too – a thematic special selection that will be published as a separate book.
The ROSPHET & the partners will select the best 3 papers, the author(s) of which will be announced and awarded during the Conference Dinner.

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