Exploring BibTeX and LaTeX: the elegant way for ‘and’ and the floats

I’ve already posted about the problem of ‘and’ in multiauthored BibTeX entries. A more elegant solution to avoid the ‘and’ and have instead a more cross-lingual ‘&’ is simply change the bibliography style: agsm is not very used but work its way — however, the poor personal names of your authors and editors become a punctuated capital, sigh.

Other topic: today I crossed for the first time the following error, compiling with XeTeX (but uninfluent in this case):

Too many unprocessed floats

The shell output requests to see the LaTeX manual or Companion. The Lamport (1994) I didn’t found the solution, rather a quick and dirty explanation is at page 912 of the Companion: the LaTeX buffer holds up to 18 floats, to have 36 you have to require the package morefloats in the preamble.

If there is a float that cannot be placed for some reason this change will merely delay receiving the above eroor. See Chapter 6 for ways to deal with this situation.

Ok, let’s see Chapter 6. Stay tuned for the next post after my reading of the LaTeX grimoire.

One thought on “Exploring BibTeX and LaTeX: the elegant way for ‘and’ and the floats

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