Chiasmus of the Month January 2011 Award

It was a great pleasure to me when I have been informed that the subtitle of my 2009
book “Fondamenti di interlinguistica ed esperantologia. Pianificazione
linguistica e lingue pianificate” had been selected to be honoured in the
Chiasmus of the Month series, featured by Psammeticus Press and published
in Speculative Grammarian, the premier journal in the neglected field of
Satirical Linguistics. Let me quote the statement attached to the Award:

Figures of speech are a means to attract attention to content in an
elegant and erudite way. They ensure that titles and topics which would
otherwise go unnoticed receive all the interest they deserve. Among the
many figures of speech which have been handed down to us since the dawn of
time and have been debated and discussed by the Ancients, the Chiasmus
probably stands at the pinnacle, surpassing by far alliteration and rhyme,
hendiadys and boustrophedon. In recent times, its use has become ever
widespread, thus showing that scientific writing need not be a dry
exercise in concatenating technical terms, but may rival, in its own
right, disciplines even more deeply rooted in the Humanities. We at
Psammeticus Press value these efforts.

As a sign of our recognition of your highly appreciated contribution to
the upholding of decent writing standards in academic literature and to
the dissemination of the finest of speech figures, please receive the
attached picture which you may put on your website, print on a t-shirt or
decorate your office with.

And I am proud to put it in my web site.

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