International Conference on History and Philosophy of Computing


International Conference
History and Philosophy of Computing
November 7 – 10, 2011
Gent University, Belgium

First announcement

From 7-10 November 2011 the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science
organizes an International Conference on the History and Philosophy of


The computing sciences collect the most diverse complex of experts:
philosophers, logicians, historians, mathematicians, computer
scientists, programmers, engineers. The number of involved subjects
grows accordingly: from foundational issues to their applications; from
philosophical questions to problems of realizability and design of
specifications; from theoretical studies of computational barriers to
the relevance of machines for educational purposes.

A historical awareness of the evolution of computing not only helps to
clarify the complex structure of the computing sciences, but it also
provides an insight in what computing was, is and maybe could be in the
future. Philosophy, on the other hand, helps to tackle some of the
fundamental problems of computing, going from the limits of the
“mathematicizing power of homo sapiens”to the design of feasible and
concrete models of interactive processes.

The aim of this conference is to bring together these two streams: we
are strongly convinced that an interplay between the researchers with an
interest in the history and philosophy of computing can crucially add to
the maturity of the field.

We plan to have up to 30 contributed papers to be presented at the
conference. We welcome contributions from logicians and philosophers or
historians of science as well as from philosophically and/or
historically aware computer scientists and mathematicians.

Topics of the conference include:

– The birth, evolution and future of computation
– Philosophical, foundational and practical issues of computability in logic, mathematics and computer science
– Computation in the sciences

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