A PhD in Philosophy and Ethics of Technology


The Section of Philosophy and Ethics of Technology, School of Innovation Sciences, Eindhoven University of Technology seeks candidates for the following position:

A PhD (1.0 fte) in Philosophy and Ethics of Technology (V39.1237)

For the NWO-project: ‘Persuasive Technology, Allocation of Control, and Social Values – Ethical Aspects of Persuasive Technologies’

Project description

The ethical part of the project addresses moral issues that arise when using persuasive technology. Persuasive Technologies are technologies that are intentionally designed to change the attitude and or behavior of individuals. These types of technologies raise various ethical questions, many of which have to do with a conflict between the individual values of human agents and the social values that these technologies aim to promote. The philosophical part of our research will study the ethical issues of technological ‘persuasion’. The main research question is: What are morally acceptable means of technological ‘persuasion’?

The ethical questions we consider are prompted by the technological case study, which concerns energy-saving in truck-driving. However, most of these ethical issues are of a general nature. The ethical project thus starts from the level of the concrete technological case and moves on to the level of general ethical principles and design guidelines. This will be specifically relevant for the social, political and legal aspects of persuasive technology and for the public debate about it.

Another important dimension of the project is creating and conceptualizing relationships between psychological research, philosophy and design. For this reason, candidates with an interest in philosophy of psychology or empirical philosophy are encouraged to apply.

(For more information see the extended project description: http://w3.ieis.tue.nl/en/groups/pe/research/philosophyethics_of_technology/research_programme/persuasive_technology/)


Applications should be received by 21st October 2010.

Applications are to be submitted online (http://jobs.tue.nl/wd/plsql/wd_portal.show_job?p_web_site_id=3085&p_web_page_id=115688&p_no_apply=Y&p_show=Y&p_seo=noindex). Please upload: an application letter with motivation for application; a recent, detailed Curriculum Vitae; names and contact details of (at least) two referees; and a sample of written work.

Interviews will be held on 29th October 2010 (expected date). As part of an equal opportunity scheme, women are explicitly requested to apply.

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