Philoweb 2010: towards a philosophy of the web

FYI (thanks to Anthony F. Beavers):


Towards a Philosophy of the Web.

Bernard Stiegler’s talk will be released on the symposium’s Website and on PhiloWeb official Dailymotion account, before the beginning of the conference.

October 16 2010,


Amphi Gestion

8h15-8h30: Introduction

Alexandre Monnin

I. The Web and computer ontologies: new experimental question for philosophy?

Chair: Bert Bos (W3C)

08h30-09h15: Are Web ontologies formalizations of previously existing conceptualizations or an opportunity to contrive new concepts? Are we making our way toward an experimental metaphysics or even techno-metaphysical inventions?, Bruno Bachimont (UTC & INA)

09h15-10h00: Ontology shifted from entities to operations, Pierre Livet(University Aix-Marseille I)

10h00-10h15: Pause

II. Objects, Reference and Cognition.

Chair : Alexandre Monnin (University Panthéon – Sorbonne, Paris 1)

10h15-11h00: What is a digital object?, Yuk Hui (Goldsmiths, University of London)

11h00-11h45: Are URIs actually names?, Henry Thompson (University of Edinburgh)

11h45-12h30: Artificial Intelligence versus Collective Intelligence: The Hidden Philosophical Lineage of the Web, Harry Halpin (University of Edinburgh & W3C)

12h30-14h00: Lunch

III. Web of data or documents?

Chair: Freddy Limpens (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)

14h00-14h30: (Presentation of the Web of Data), Henry Story

14h30-15h15 : Webmarks: revisiting the notion of bookmarks toward contextualized reference on the web, Nicolas Delaforge (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)

15h15-16h00: Philosophy and the Social Web, Henry Story

16h00-16h15: Pause

IV. Words and things on the Web.

Chair: Harry Halpin (University of Edinburgh & W3C)

16h15-17h00: From ontological structure to semantic lexical structure: the case of institutional entities, Alexandra Arapinis (IHPST, University Panthéon – Sorbonne Paris 1)

17h00-17h45 : An ontology of the Web? From words and things to URIsand resources: the Web as a mediator of philosophical questions, Alexandre Monnin (University Panthéon – Sorbonne Paris 1, CNAM, IRI)

V. Tools and society.

Chair: Bruno Bachimont (UTC & INA)

17h45-18h30: From folksonomies to ontologies: proposal of a socio-technical solution, Freddy Limpens (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)

18h30-18h45: Pause

18h45-19h45: Roundtable

19h45-19h55: Conclusion of the day

Christiane Chauviré

19h55-20h00: Farewell Address

Alexandre Monnin

20h00-21h00: Art Exhibition

Eric Schrijver

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