WikiProject Philosophy


Whether you love or hate Wikipedia, you cannot deny its influence
internationally. Usually when people google a term, the Wikipedia entry is
the first thing that is listed. More and more, people make links in their
correspondence to Wikipedia articles so as to clarify their point. However,
Wikipedia does not work without the support of the community.

That is why I am writing to let PHILOS-L subscribers know that there is an
organized international community whose purpose is to improve the quality of
Wikipedia content that is related to Philosophy. It is called WikiProject
Philosophy .

There are all kinds of ways to help; from very brief, small, and simple
proofreading; to researching and improving articles to “Featured Article”
status. There are also many different kinds of tools available to make your
WP experience more convenient.

Get a free Wikipedia account and join the project! The project monitors
about 12,000 articles, in every area of philosophy. It only takes a small
bit of effort to create a “watchlist” of articles for topics that you care
about, so that you can periodically monitor any changes. It only takes a few
Ph.D.s with such a watchlist, dropping in from time to make a very big
difference. There is a common discussion area for people interested the
philosophy content, and collaboration is encouraged. Also, join one or more
task forces specific to your area of interest. There are 21 task forces
organized by field, era, and tradition. There is one just right for you!

Here are a few other suggestions for ways you can help:

1) Join a discussion about the content of a particular article on its
associated “talk” page, or join the general discussion at WikiProject

1) Assess and peer-review articles.
2) Monitor a watchlist of your favorite topics.
3) Monitor new articles as they are created by others or create new articles
for topics that are not covered yourself.
4) Monitor articles proposed to be deleted or propose some to be deleted
5) Suggest to others (perhaps your students) that they monitor articles
about the topics about which they are knowledgeable.

I invite your correspondence on these and any other matters. Be well,

Greg Bard

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