Kantian Questions for Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Cabridge Scholars Publishing (C-S-P) has an open call for monographs about Kant, which can be of interests of some of you, my dear readers. As you probably know, I’m currently writing a book for C-S-P about my main line of research (adpositional grammars), and so I came into this news.

Here the details (cut-and-pasted hereafter):

Cambridge Scholar Publishers is starting a new series of monographs on Kant. The series is called Kantian Questions, and it aims at publishing first-rate original work on any topic of Kantian scholarship, as well as reflections on contemporary debates that bear the imprint of Kant’s thought. The vision for the series is truly cosmopolitan: it welcomes work from a variety of philosophical traditions and perspectives, without discriminating between the “analytic” and “continental” schools. The only requirement is scholarly quality and innovation. The goal is to offer an alternative publishing venue of the highest quality, attractive to Kant scholars who want to reach, through the possibility of paperback editions, a readership of specialists and non-specialist alike.

To facilitate the peer review process, proposals should include the following information:

A general description of the project
A chapter outline and table of contents
A brief discussion of the existing literature and the expected contribution to it
An estimation of the length of the manuscript and the schedule for completion
A chapter sample
A curriculum vitae

To submit a proposal for consideration or inquire about the series, please contact the editor by mail or email:

Professor Pablo Muchnik
Siena College
Philosophy Department
515 Loudon Road
Loudonville, NY 12211-1462

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