The Pomodor Technique Illustrated

I was (proudly, admitted) reckoned as one of the Pomodoro Technique expert, as Staffan Noteberg asked me to review his Pomdoro Technique Illustrated book, which you can download for free or purchase as paperback.

It’s a very interesting book, as Staffan has a cognitive style completely different from Francesco Cirillo‘s, the inventor of the Pomodoro Technique. Francesco likes to explain through real-life examples made of small narratives (a sort of user stories, in a sense), while Staffan likes to visualize his examples. Staffan’s book can be read as a useful compendium of Francesco’s original, something like “The Pomodoro Technique for Dummies”, but it is more than that.

In fact, it can be read at another level of abstraction as a collection of patterns of use, analogously to what Stweart Mader made for wikis – check his wikipatterns to have a more precise idea.

The next step in the Pomodoro Technique is to write a collections of patterns and anti-patterns, especially when applied in teams, so that coaches can benefit from others’ experiences. The most efficient tool would be, of course, a dedicated wiki. This is a proposal for the Pomodoro Technique community out there.

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