Call for participation: Ethicomp 2009 survey

For all interested in ethics and ICT:

We are seeking your input into a major longitudinal study about ethical attitudes to ICT.

The purpose of this survey is to determine the attitude of managers, practitioners, trainees, educators and students to a range of ethical issues. This sixth ETHICOMP. survey is being sponsored by the Institute for the Management of Information Systems and we would appreciate you spending a few minutes of your time to take part. Your responses may be made anonymously and will be treated with the strictest confidence. However, you have the option of identifying yourself if you are willing to take part in any follow-up to the survey. The survey results will be discussed in a future issue of the IMIS Journal, and a full report of the findings will be published.

You can access the survey at

Thank you in anticipation

Simon Rogerson, Mary Prior and Ben Fairweather
Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility
De Montfort University, UK

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