Survey on Enterprise 2.0 Adoption published

In the last three months I worked on Enterprise 2.0, and I have produced a technical report which I put in Creative Commons. You can download it here, and please let some comment in this blog post or join the Wasa community at Dicom for further discussions.

2 thoughts on “Survey on Enterprise 2.0 Adoption published

  1. I have sent my technical report to some people, among others Niall Cook, the author of the model I used and criticised. Here is his answer on the ticklest point:

    “I should probably clarify the “interaction” axis though – it catches everyone out (including me sometimes). By interaction I am not referring to how interactive the tools are, but how interactive the culture of the company is (and thus which tools are a better fit to that kind of culture). To address your criticism directly, I would therefore contend that enterprise 2.0 tools that model themselves on YouTube and Wikipedia are more relevant and valuable to organisations that encourage employees to work with each other than to organisations that recognise and reward individual effort over group interaction.”

    Niall told me that he is currently working on revision so to update his model. Guys, this is really Web 2.0!

  2. Hi Federico! Thanks much for the blog comment and for alerting me on this whitepaper. I meant to comment on this blog post a couple of days back, yet, madness got in the way in the shape of something we know as “work” and didn’t have the chance till now. Things are pretty hectic at the moment, but hope to go through it some time soon and come back and share some additional feedback! I will keep you posted on it!

    Thanks again for sending it along and speak to you soon!

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