Master of Science in Logic in Amsterdam

For interested students with a(n expected) BSc degree in Mathematics or Computer science or a BA degree in Philosophy or Linguistics:

You want to study logic. You enjoy an interdisciplinary approach to
research. You like to meet people from all over the world, join the


in Amsterdam. The MSc in Logic is truly interdisciplinary, international
and individual:

  • it combines mathematics, computer science, linguistics and philosophy to give a broad view of logic,
  • its students come from all continents and many different countries,
  • and the course programme of each student is individually picked by the student and his or her mentor under consideration of strengths,
    weaknesses and interests of the student out of a total of over 40 courses.

The MSc in Logic covers the traditions of logic as well as the modern view of logic as the study of encoding, transmission and comprehension of
information in natural, artificial and formal languages, providing a wide range of applications in modern information society. Within two years, the
MSc leads to a highly respected research degree that opens the doors to academic research at the highest level. Most of our graduates continue to
get a PhD in logic or a related field.

Interested students with a BSc or BA in a relevant field (for example, mathematics, computer science, philosophy, linguistics, but also many
others) should apply. Candidates who took courses at the graduate (MSc or PhD) level may apply for waivers and could finish the MSc in Logic in
three semesters or one year (“fast track”).

There is a number of grant programmes that students can apply to: the national HSP programme (Huygens Scholarship Programme), the Amsterdam
Merit Scholarships for non-European students at the University of Amsterdam, or the Beth Scholarship specially focused on logic students.

Deadlines for applications (for the academic year starting September 1, 2009) are:

January 5, 2009 if you wish to apply for the HSP scholarship
February 1, 2009 for non-European students
April 1, 2009 for students from EU countries

We accept applications after the deadline, but cannot guarantee student housing and/or a timely visa application procedure in this case.

Are you interested?

Find more information about us on or contact

Ms Tanja Kassenaar
phone: +31 20 525 6051

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