Lovely staying in Mantua for ETHICOMP

I’m ill, so I remember my lovely staying in Mantua. The local organisers were great in feeling participants comfortable, and we ate very well. My suggestion is Ristorante Grifone Bianco in Piazza Erbe for the tortellini alla zucca…

But let’s talk about the content of the conference, I was working, isn’t it true? I was highly impressed by the talk of Andras Kornai, On the proper definition of information, about the philosophical position of the universe being made by information, and this information being digital. So, the DNA shouldn’t bring information? That’s a really good epistemological question.

I knew nothing about the phenomenon of Gold Farming, i.e., players of WoW or similar games who sell items for real money to other players, presented by Kai K. Kimppa. The world of games is full of computer ethical questions! Finally, intriguing the research by Gonçalo Jorge Morais da Costa (sorry, no home page!) and others. In particular, the use of web 2.0 by adolescents who risk to commit suicide for cognitive dissonance is really worth a serious thinking.

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